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Are you living the life you really want or merely existing?  Life was never meant to be simply endured, following a monotonous routine, day after day, but rather enjoyed to the fullest.  I’m not talking about being radiantly happy every moment, but what’s wrong with pursuing ideas that we’re passionate about to bring us greater happiness and fulfillment on a more consistent basis?  I know this can appear unattainable as we shuffle through our daily routine, for it will take our time and effort to create this kind of life.  But aren’t we worth it?  Isn’t our life supposed to be about us?'

Now is the time to bring passion to life.  Passion makes life worth living, gives us a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  Everyone needs something to look forward to, something worth living for.  Haven’t you found this with yourself?  How often have you looked forward to a vacation because you’ll finally get the time to do what you’d really like?  Why not incorporate some of these enjoyable pursuits into your regular schedule?  We need to get conscious and come from the soul’s perspective to be able to do this.  For our subconscious, our inner child, is a creature of habit and will keep following the same old routine unless we motivate it.  It’s like a child who’s been sitting endlessly in front of the TV on a nice day until the parent walks into the room and says, “Go outside and play!”  Our subconscious needs a push to begin a healthier lifestyle.  It will actually be very happy feeling more fulfilled, but it needs the soul’s direction in the first place to do something different.

Look at your own life.  What are you passionate about?  Think about what kinds of things you find interesting.  Daydream a little and let your subconscious get involved.  What have you always wanted to do?  What kinds of ideas have attracted your attention in the past?  What types of activities have you been drawn to? There may be a hobby that you had when you were younger or something that’s caught your interest recently.  Maybe you used to love to go fishing or take photographs or you’ve been thinking about taking a cooking class.  The choices are endless.  I know a woman who recently retired who’s been filling her life with everything from art classes and music lessons to archery and martial arts.  She says she’s the happiest she’s ever been.  But we don’t have to retire to bring some of this happiness into our life right now.  We just have to make a plan and follow through.

Sometimes we may be passionate about a cause, something we feel strongly about that we feel is important and we choose to do something to support that cause.  This kind of passion can be very rewarding and may even direct us to, and help us to fulfill, our purpose in life.  Passions of this type may even blossom into a full-time position, which reflects the statement, “Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

The important thing is to get started.  Forget about thinking it might be too hard to do or that you really don’t know what you’d like to do.  Just take time to think about your interests and pick one thing to pursue.  When we do not include some kind of passion in our life, we are hindering our quality of life.  Doctors have observed the importance of this issue.  Sometimes when a person is seriously ill and feels they have nothing to live for, they may actually lose their will to live and give up.  Filling our lives with enjoyable passions gives us something to live for, it makes life worth living.

Keep in mind you want to provide a healthy balance in all your pursuits for we often have a tendency to go overboard, doing too much.  The idea is to enhance your life by pursuing your passions, not create more stress.  So start with one interest and schedule it into a time period when your subconscious can enjoy it, not when it’s exhausted by an overloaded day at work.  Create a life that moves at a well-balanced, manageable pace.

Design a well-rounded life.  I had a student who illustrated this idea.  Before she took our classes, she said she used to think her life was all about work.  She determined her success as a person according to her achievements at work.  After thinking about making her life more complete, she now viewed life like a wheel with spokes.  Whereas she used to put work at the center of that wheel, she now placed herself at the center and work was just one of the spokes.  She was still proud of her accomplishments at work, but she pursued other interests and passions as well, recognizing their value.  She felt much happier and more fulfilled as a result.  What a healthy approach to life!

Sometimes we’re hesitant to follow a passion, wondering what other people may think of us.  This is the subconscious’ emotional reaction, worrying about other people’s opinions.  Tell your subconscious to let go of these kinds of “people-pleasing” concerns.  Pleasing others never really works anyway.  The only person who knows what’s right for you, what will make you feel the most fulfilled, is you.  Pretending to be one thing for one person, and another for the next, is exhausting.  Let go of other people’s expectations of you and for you, and follow your own path instead.  This courageous choice will bring out your best expression for you’ll finally feel comfortable enough to simply be yourself.

All the rest of nature reflects this idea.  When we admire a beautiful setting in nature, we may admire a tree in a beautiful forest or a bird in flight, all content in their surroundings.  But the bird never pretends to be a tree.  It’s only the human race that has become confused, trying to be something we’re not.  It’s time to stop limiting our true expression and simply be who we are.

Make a commitment to yourself.  Take the time to think these ideas through and realize the importance of pursuing your passions.  They make life worth living.  Make a list of what’s most important to you.  Your subconscious will be grateful and your life will run more smoothly.  For passions keep our subconscious motivated to do all the other very responsible jobs we must accomplish, such as going to work on a daily basis and keeping our household running.  When our subconscious knows that there’s more to life than just accomplishing tasks, these passions become rewards for a job well done.

Wishing you a life filled with purpose and passion!


Each of Us has a “Mission” in Life that is Ours to Fulfill.  Our Missions are as varied as there are people.  But there is One Common Chord that resounds through every Mission – One Common Purpose Uniting Us All.  That Purpose is Spiritual Expression, Our Divine connection with All of Life, Our True Spiritual State Where We Are One.  It is this inner Divinity that strikes the Chord that calls Us forth to Express Our Highest, moves Us Ever forward in the Evolution of Our Spirit, the Chord that calls Us Home.  And on Our Journey Homeward, our Spiritual Nature Lights the Path for Others to Remember, to Emulate and Ignite the Light within themselves.

Each of Us is a Promise waiting to Be Fulfilled.  We are each an Artist, a Teacher, a Caretaker, a Messenger of Love, a hidden talent waiting patiently for expression … a Promise that Only We can Fulfill.

This is Our Life’s Destiny, Our Reason for Being.  Our Journey begins when We finally let go, stop resisting what is Best in Ourselves and Surrender to The Divine Spark within.  To Simply BE who We Are, every day ~ totally unique, totally individual, totally different.

Can we accomplish this constantly?  Of course not.  For life is a learning ground filled with ups and downs.  We have times when We’re our Best and times when We’re our worst, times when We’re Strong and times when We’re weak, times of Glorious Revelations and times of dark despair.

Through it all, an Overshadowing Presence urges Us forward, encouraging Us to BE who We Are.  For through Our unique expression, We share our Gift with the world.  We each become a Light to Spark one another.

We Are the Light Of The World.

Take the first steps on Your Journey 
And Reveal Your Light.


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