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“ … I love this book!"

posted May 24, 2012, 7:33 AM by Daniel Holton
May Ristich
Gill, MA

“ … I love this book!  A necessary read for seekers …”

I use this book as a daily guide.  I randomly open the book and find that the knowledge and inspiration is relative to my growth and with thought and meditation I am able to navigate my life with a greater peace and comfort.  There are times when I re-read a chapter and it seems as if there is more insight than the last time I read it.  Having been a meditator for 30 years, this happens often as I become more conscious of my connection to my Divine Nature and what seems like old information, becomes new in the light of my new understanding and growth.

In Rescue Your Soul, Sandy Daliege brings to the printed word her experience of 30 years of teaching this simple philosophy of how to quench the yearning within the soul for knowledge of how the universe works.  I find this philosophy very compelling for those interested in taking responsibility for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  The information, so brilliantly outlined in the book, is truly about thinking things through for yourself and making choices that fit your spiritual growth. Sandy’s inspirational poems feed my soul.  It’s often as if she is in my head with the perfect solution to something I’ve been thinking about.

Her idea of spiritual graduation, ascension or resurrection and the realization that we have a choice at the end of a lifetime to move into the Light is especially worth meditating on.  Some philosophies call this Heaven, Nirvana or Enlightenment, where we merge with the Light.  There have been many “Near Death experiences” that talk about the Love, Beauty and all encompassing energy experienced in this place.  When we question, “What is best for me spiritually?” we come to know that in all of life, we as the soul, can make a choice that supports and feeds our spirituality.

I have been using the principles outlined in this book for over 25 years and as my life became more peaceful and enjoyable, I knew that I needed to share this information with my friends and beyond.  So, I too, have been teaching this simple philosophy in Massachusetts.  I have always been a Helper and continue to be, but have found that now I have a more balanced daily existence by extending my “Helper Hat” to include my own subconscious.  By giving others the knowledge of how to manage their lives more consciously, they can feed their own soul’s forever.  

Wishing all of you readers, a return to the knowledge of your Divine Nature and a daily life that encompasses your inner child/subconscious.  Integrating this idea of how consciousness works will bring enjoyment, peace, comfort and all that you take time to dream about become a daily reality.  Enjoy the journey!

May Ristich
Resident Director Arche International
The Renaissance Center, Gill, MA 01354