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Sandy Daliege has been an instructor of spiritual and personal development courses at Arche International for over 30 years. Her work with Rosita Rodriguez, Ph.D., has helped souls reawaken their spiritual identity, empowering them to create rewarding lives filled with spiritual purpose, serenity, good health, fulfilling relationships, greater quality of life and personal fulfillment. 

When I began writing these Monthly Inspirations, which later became Rescue Your Soul, my concept was to share some common sense ideas that seemed to be missing in people’s lives, ideas that could help them realize their value and understand how life works. By using these practical suggestions, they’d realize how often they already express as a soul and learn how to use their power to create a healthy, fulfilling life. For this is our soul’s natural calling; it is every soul’s destiny to bring out our highest expression, whatever role we may play. But my underlying motivation was to present an important universal truth, a philosophy for living that helped me understand the meaning of life.

Even as a child, I viewed life differently than most people. Can you relate to this? I always felt like the oldest kid on the block, much older than other kids, and even older than many adults. It was kind of like being a “parent” to the world. What I considered to be common sense was not the viewpoint most people shared. I’ve since come to realize, common sense isn’t very common anymore. For common sense is actually consciousness. When we’re able to see life from the soul’s level of consciousness, we have a clearer understanding of how life works and life becomes much more meaningful.

When I was first introduced to these concepts in a seminar presented by Rosita Rodriguez, Ph.D. of Arche International, I felt like I’d finally found what I was looking for, even though I hadn’t realized I was searching. Although I already had a very good life, I still felt like something was missing, often wondering, “There’s got to be more to life than this.” The Arche philosophy filled in the blanks. What was missing was a clear understanding of who I was, spiritually from the soul’s level and personally from the subconscious level.

Learning about the different levels of consciousness and how they interact gave me a greater understanding of how the universe works and my place in it. Through my process of self-realization, I not only discovered my purpose in life, but also found what was personally most important, which added to my quality of life. I learned how to let go, relax, and completely enjoy the beauty of life in a new way. I grew in self-confidence, self-awareness, and serenity, and developed a spiritual foundation that carries me through every circumstance. Whereas I started as a shy student, afraid to share my thoughts with the rest of the class, I became a strong, well-grounded teacher of life. I changed from being a perfectionist with high, but sometimes unrealistic, expectations of myself as well as others, to learning to let go of harsh judgment and simply love people wherever they are on their path of growth. In short, I brought out the best version of myself. And throughout this process, I kept thinking that if I was able to become such a strong person, just think of how much others could share if they had the same opportunity. How great an impact could they make if only they knew this truthful philosophy?

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And so Rescue Your Soul shares this philosophy that’s made a tremendous impact on countless lives. I hope you’ll find it as thought provoking and life changing as so many others.

Bring out the best of who you are ~ RESCUE YOUR SOUL…

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